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Have you ever wondered where to eat in Campo de’ Fiori trying to escape tourist menus and the noise of the Piazza in the morning (if you don’t like it, of course!)? There are plenty of choices in the Campo de’ Fiori area, so how about following our suggestions on places to eat, where you can have a dairy-free breakfast or enjoy a vegetarian lunch (perhaps just after your class at our school)?

We at When in Rome school care about our students, so we have tried a couple of places for you in order to give you the best advice possible!


Where to eat in the Campo

Suggestion #1

There is a little cozy place in via del Pellegrino, 85, called L’orto di Maramao, which offers a great variety of veggie soups and salads (you can choose from the menu what to have in your salad). We teachers found this place not long ago while walking on the beautiful via del Pellegrino and decided we would stop for a quick lunch and a chat, just before heading back to work. We must confess we enjoyed it a lot! It’s a small place with just a few tables, very peaceful, ideal for a quiet, little chat with friends or to enjoy a meal on your own. Oh, and before you go in, leave your tablet in the bag: the use of devices is not allowed at the Orto di Maramao!

Where to eat in the Campo

Suggestion #2

After my morning class last Monday, while I was wondering where to eat in the Campo, I stumbled upon a new place, a Natura Si shop, a beautiful brand new café and shop, where you can enjoy a bite for breakfast or lunch and shop for food and vegetables: everything organic, of course! You can go in before work (or Italian class!) for a banana-coconut  muffin and be inspired by the amazing view of the Piazza Farnese, or pop in later on for a pumpkin and lentil soup. Oh, they have quite a good variety of organic bread and vegan and vegetable sandwiches too!


We hope you enjoyed our staff suggestions.

Stay tuned for more posts about Rome and Campo de’ Fiori!


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